Link building or link building is one of the SEO techniques,Guest Posting at the Off-Page level, which consists of the achievement and acquisition of external links. When we talk about link building we refer to all the actions we carry out to get our website to be linked by third parties and thus increase our web popularity.

The more links we get to our website and these are of higher quality, the more our popularity will increase and therefore our positioning.


When we comment the hidden wiki on the importance of receiving links and that our link building is of quality, we mean that these links must be natural and, if possible, that we are linked from authoritative domains. But in this strategy, we must not forget the elements that must be taken into account.



They must be consistent with the content where they appear and must link through a natural anchor text, or anchor text, consistent with the content of the landing page. Such an example, if we are on a laptop computer page, in an article that reviews a tablet, it makes no sense to include a link with the anchor text “cheap flights” to a page for the sale of airline tickets.


This link must carry, be usable, the corresponding title that indicates to the user where it takes them.


In case it is linked from an image, it must contain the alternative text or alt attribute, which will be interpreted by the search engine as the anchor text of the link. Therefore, these necessary anchor texts or alternative text in the case of images, must contain the keyword of the content that is linked, be precise, descriptive, natural, and consistent in their description with what the user will find on the page linked.

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