Lifelong pet insurance policies represent the most popular form of cover among animal owners across the UK at present,Expert: Lifelong pet insurance policies most popular Articles an expert in the industry has said.

According to Isabella von Mesterhazy, head of marketing at Petplan, people with furry friends are taking out long-term annual insurance products in order to protect both their critters and their bank balance against vet bills.

Ms von Mesterhazy explained that this trend can mainly be put down to the fact that there are an increasing number of incidences of “ongoing conditions such as arthritis and diabetes” among animals.

Therefore, owners are keen to have the “most comprehensive” pet plan available to them, meaning lifelong products “continue to be the number one selling policies in the market”, she added.

Recently, the Petplan official stated that signing up for pet insurance need not be a confusing or stressful activity as figuring out which package is best for their individual needs is easy.Taking out pet insurance need not be a Cheri Honnas confusing or stressful activity for animal owners, a specialist in the field has said.

Many people may be put off signing up for for their furry friend on the presumption that this area of the annual insurance market has too many options for them to be sure which policy is best suited to their needs.

However, Isabella Von Mesterhazy, head of marketing at Petplan, has insisted this is not necessarily the case as “all pet owners need to do is work out how long their insurance company will pay out for any illness or accident”, as this is the most important aspect of insurance to concentrate on.

Ms Von Mesterhazy explained there is a growing realisation among Britons about how important getting proper cover for their animal is.

This comes not long after one expert came out to say that pet insurance has become essential for anyone with a furry friend.

That is according to Andy Robbins, senior national press officer at the RSPCA, who has warned animal owners not to be tempted by the possibility of avoiding taking out pet plan insurance to protect their furry friend.

Mr Robbins explained that by doing so, individuals are putting themselves “at risk of being presented with often large and unexpected vet bills” should the need ever arise for their companion to undergo treatment by a professional.

In addition, the expert noted that failing to pay for an annual insurance policy can also put themselves in danger of having a moral dilemma between “having to choose what you can afford and your pet’s wellbeing”.

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